Troubleshooting reading list access issues

If you or your students are unable to load reading list content on your device, please try the following steps.

Do each of the things in the list below and after each one, if your reading list content now loads, you will have identified what was causing the issue. You may need to add rules or exceptions or speak to your IT team to have them update settings to allow your reading list to be loaded.

  • Clear browser cache and cookies
  • Temporarily turn off all browser content blocker plugins and extensions (e.g. UBlock, AdBlock)
  • Turn off your VPN
  • Temporarily disable any anti-virus software installed on your computer
  • Temporarily disable any network based content blocking

If you are still experiencing difficulty, please try to access your reading list via a different browser and computer. If you don’t have access to a different computer, you can try loading the reading list on your phone or tablet. Once you’ve done this, please raise a support ticket with the following information:

  • The browser and version you are experiencing the issue in. See this support article for more information on browsers: What are the supported browser versions? 
  • The device/s (e.g. laptop, iPhone) where you are experiencing this issue
  • Any content blockers and extensions you have installed in your browser or computer

In order for our Technical Team to troubleshoot the issue, please also record the following and include it in the ticket:

  • A HAR file which captures your attempt to view the reading list. Instructions on how to generate one can be found here: Generating a .har file
  • A screencast which shows you accessing the reading list with the developer console open. There are instructions on how to open the developer console in different browsers in this support article. 

Please note: the information above only relates to issues regarding the loading of reading list content. If you are experiencing issues with logging into Talis Aspire, please see this support article: How to produce SAML attributes when asked by a Talis support consultant 

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