What to do if you’ve lost access to your authentication system

With the rise of cyber security incidents targeting universities, you might find that your institution temporarily loses access to your authentication system. During this time, many of your internal university systems will not be available.

Access to Talis Aspire and Talis Elevate will also be affected. This is because access to these systems is provided to your users via your authentication system.

While you wait for your authentication to be reinstated, we’re here to help get you what you need out of the system. This might include:

  • Exports of PDF scans from Talis Aspire Copyright Clearance (TACC)
  • Reports from Talis Aspire (e.g. All Lists, All List Items reports)
  • CSV exports of Reviews

If your institutional default for reading lists is Private, we can also temporarily make any lists Public so that your users will be able to view the lists.

This is not an exhaustive list. If you’ve got a particular need during this time, please reach out to us by raising a support ticket.

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