Changes to digitization rules for Canada


When a digitization request is made, Talis Aspire runs a series of checks against the request to ensure that it is compliant with copyright and can be used safely with students. These checks can vary in different territories as copyright legislation in separate countries provides different guidance as to what may or may not be used. After institutions in Canada have begun to use Talis Aspire to manage digitizations, we have looked to address some issues that were identified to improve the workflows for Canadian users.

Duplicate Requests

It was flagged that having multiple requests for the same item, or content from the same item, to use on a single course shouldn't be a barrier to digitizing that material. For example, students on multiple sections with their own lists may still require access to the same material.

Where this is the case, Talis Aspire had previously rejected subsequent requests as being a duplicate of the first one. The system will now accept such requests as valid. If the original request is already live, then it will also attach the relevant scan as it will be available in your vault.


At the point of rolling over requests into a new time period, duplicate requests will be flagged as such and referred, to allow library staff to check that they are still required. However, we have added a new option so that they will still be able to accept the request and make it available to students if required.





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