Archiving your Talis Elevate module

All modules you have created within Talis Elevate appear under 'My Modules' in the Module Manager tab on the homepage. We have introduced a new feature where you can choose to archive modules. Archiving a module will place the module into an archive area of Talis Elevate, where it will still remain accessible to you but won't appear on the 'My Modules' homepage - thereby decluttering this space.

Archiving a module means that module leaders will no longer receive weekly notifications on activities related to that module. However, you can still receive resource level notifications in case students are still using the archived resources. 

How to archive a module

1. Log into Talis Elevate and click on the Module Manager tab.

2. Navigate to the module you wish to archive and click the three dots menu button under Actions. Select 'Archive this module.'


3. You will receive a pop-up message asking if you would like to proceed with the action. Click 'Yes, archive' and you will receive a green pop-up message informing you that the module has been archived. The module will now no longer appear under 'My Modules.'


How to access archived modules

1. On the Module Manager tab, click the three dots menu next to 'Create Module.' You will see the option to View archived modules.


3. Click on this and you will be taken to the Archived modules page where you can view all of your archived modules. From here, you can restore a module you have archived by clicking on the Actions menu under the module and selecting 'Restore this module.'


How to search for archived modules

1. In the Module Manager, click on 'Find Module.'

2. Select the 'Include archived modules' toggle and search for your module.


3. Archived modules will appear with the 'Archived' tag so you can decide if you want to join an archived module. 

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