LTI 1.3 and Third Party Cookies

Talis Aspire and Talis Elevate work with your university to provide you with seamless access to the resources and services that you need to complete your studies. As part of our integration, we need to trust that a connection request is coming from your university learning management systems (Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, Brightspace, etc.) and we use browser cookies to help in this process.

We are working to remove the need for browser cookies to be used in these workflows, but in the meantime, you might need to allow cookies from third parties (Talis in this case) in browsers in order to get the full functionality of the system.

Browsers that will block third party cookies are:

Browsers that should work without any special changes.

  • Chrome — Although third party cookie blocking is expected to be enabled in 2023, which is why we continue to develop a cookie-less solution.

If you need to specify domains to allow third party cookies, Talis’ applications are served from the and domains.

You may also have other privacy tracking blocking tools installed in your browser that may hamper the connection between your learning system and Talis. You may need to set an exception to allow Talis’ applications to work.

If you have any other questions about Cookies, you may find this Information Commissioners Office article about cookies, useful.

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