Enhanced Supplier Integrations in Reviews


As part of library acquisitions processes, library teams use Talis Aspire to determine what reading list items need purchasing and use the "List Reviews" area to support the decision making for acquisitions.

Our goal is to enable our library teams to make acquisitions decisions quickly, accurately and efficiently by providing as much of the information necessary to make their acquisitions decisions from within Talis Aspire. 


By bringing information from library suppliers into their existing review and acquisitions workflows in Talis Aspire, users do not have to context switch when seeking information required to make a purchase decision. 

Specifically, library teams are now able to access the following information as part of the acquisitions workflows in Talis Aspire: 

  1. Determine availability of an item at one or more suppliers 
  2. Determine availability of other formats at one or more suppliers 
  3. Determine e-availability at one or more suppliers 
  4. Determine customer specific pricing for items at one or more suppliers 
  5. See detail on currently held subscriptions or holdings

Who do Talis Aspire Integrate with?

We now integrate with the the following suppliers: 

  • EBook Central (Proquest)
  • Browns Books (UK only)
  • Askews&Holts (Note HE services are transitioning to Browns Books)

If you have an active account with any of these suppliers we can enable the integration giving access to real-time pricing and availability

How does it work?

At the point you select an item for acquisitions in reviews, we make a live API call to your chosen suppliers.


We then load your university's unique customer pricing, alternative formats and licences available  from each supplier.


(NOTE -  Prices shown in this example are not comparable as we are using demo account data)


How to read the information

  • Supplier is the name of the company you hold an account with, they can supply your unique credentials we need to enable the integration.
  • All prices are net, therefore already include the discount. What you see is what you pay.
  • GOBI is an aggregated service that can bring multiple results from EBSCO and directly from publisher pricing and availability.
  • Ebook Central and Browns are direct suppliers of their own content.


  • View resource button - Takes you to the supplier Interface to place an order - you may need to log in before getting redirected to the item page.
  • Search button - Uses the Title and/or Author to do a URL redirect to the supplier search page when no results are returned from the ISBN API lookup.
  • Check Price button - Enables a redirect using the ISBN to the supplier search page and not an API, this is an older version of our integrations.
  • Purchased - If 'Yes' then you have previously ordered that format or licence with that supplier - NOTE this does not use your library holdings, to show alternative purchases.




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