Talis Elevate - Updated Module Manager

At Talis we have been working on improving your experience when using the Talis Elevate Module Manager, the aim is to make this space accessible and easy to use for Academics when managing the modules they have in Talis Elevate.


What new features can you expect to see?

New ‘My Modules’ homepage

Previously, academics were taken straight to a module when logging into Talis Elevate. We have now added a new homepage which gives an overview of all modules you have created or are a co-contributor. This space allows you to see a high level overview of your modules as well as find and add new modules.

Introduction of breadcrumbs

Previously, if you had to go back a step in the Module Manager you would have had to do this through your browser. We have now introduced breadcrumbs to show the path you took and give you the links needed to go back through the path you have taken, making it much easier to navigate around the Module Manager.

Improved join/leave module

We have given our join/leave module page a refresh allowing you to join and leave multiple modules from the same space and navigate to the module you choose. Read more about joining and leaving modules.

Improved playlist screen

We have now added the ability to sort your module playlist screen by ‘Title’ and ‘Date uploaded’, allowing yourself and students the ability to sort by most recent resources to aid in teaching and learning.

Download Module annotations

Module owners now have the ability to download annotations within a module. Read more about downloading module annotations.

Less pop-ups in the Module Manager

As part of our aim to improve accessibility, we have removed most of the pop ups that would appear when completing different actions across Talis Elevate. This will also allow us to improve the guidance we give to academics by being able to link to specific pages to complete actions. Note: We will be aiming to remove further pop ups in future iterations.

Improved error messaging

Something not going quite right using Talis Elevate? We now have improved error messages to give you the information you need to know on what to do next to resolve the issue.


If you have any feedback on the new Module Manager, please contact us at support@talis.com

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