Downloading annotations from Talis Elevate


Following feedback from academic users, Talis Elevate now features the ability for staff to export annotations from the system into a CSV file. A number of potential uses for this data have been identified:

  • the ability to support students outside of Talis Elevate, using comments to give feedback
  • evidence for internal reviews, such as validation events for external moderation
  • work out participation and engagement at a glance across a module for those who are using TE as part of an engagement score
  • an easy way of searching within comments

Exporting Comments

For any academic who owns a module (the creator), they will now see an additional 'Download annotations' option appear in the drop down menu. Academics who are collaborators on the module will not have access to this feature.


Once a user has pressed ‘Download annotations’, a message will appear letting them know that the file will be emailed to them and that it may take up to 24 hours, although in practice it is usually much quicker. An example of the email they receive is below.


The file the user sees when they open it lists every comment left on the module's resources under the following headings:

  • Module Title
  • Resource Title
  • Contributor Name
  • Date of Contribution
  • Comment
  • Comment Type (either Comment or Reply)
  • Number of Agrees
  • Comment Link
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