Product Updates - Talis Elevate

Elevate.pngNew releases and fixes for Talis Elevate

Release Update - 27th October 2022

New features

Module owners now have the ability to archive modules! This allows users to manage the 'My Modules' area of Talis Elevate more effectively by archiving modules which are no longer being taught. Full details are available in this support article.

We have also improved the experience for users who embed Talis Elevate resources into their VLE via the Module Manager (not the LTI route). We have removed the previous iframe embed and replaced this with more engaging links for students that open in a new tab allowing students the full Talis Elevate experience when accessing resources via the VLE. You can learn how to embed Talis Elevate resources in this support article.

Bug fix

We became aware that some Talis Elevate notification emails may have been going into junk folders. We have now corrected this and rather than emails coming from Talis Notifications they will come from the name of the person leaving the comment (in cases where comments are anon this will show as anon user).

Release Update - 5th July 2022

New feature

Students and academics can now download their class comments and personal notes. Further details are available in this support article

Release Update - 21st April 2022

New feature

Module leaders/owners now have the ability to export class comments from the modules they own for further analysis. Further details are available in this support article.

Release Update - 3rd March 2022


Previously when you searched for an existing resource we only showed resources that you had uploaded yourself. We've now made it possible to reuse resources uploaded by colleagues who are contributors or owners within modules that you share making it much easier to find existing resources.

Release Update - 25th February 2022


We have improved the way your analytics are calculated. Average time spent in a resource is now calculated only by students who have actively accessed the resource, as opposed to the number of students you identified as being part of the module. This will give you more meaningful analytics and help you understand exactly what is happening within the resources on your module. This change is applicable to all data from July 2021 onwards. 

Release Update - 9th November 2021

New feature

Invite feature - We have launched a new feature within Talis Elevate where you can now invite a colleague from within your institution to try out Talis Elevate. Simple go to the 'Invite colleague' feature from the menu (found within the Module Manager and the Player) and add in the email address of the person you'd like to invite.


Release Update - 3rd November 2021


Previously you may have noticed a tooltip that would follow you around the screen when on the player. We have now removed this feature so that it is a lot easier to move around the sreen without the tooltip distraction.

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