Talis Aspire Copyright Clearance - Deleting a scan from the vault


As a copyright administrator or officer in the library team there may be occasions when you need to be in control of what is in the vault, either to comply with a specific licence requirement or due to permissions stipulated by a rights holder. You can now permanently delete scans as required from the institutional vault when the request has either expired or been withdrawn. 

Here is a brief demonstration of deleting a scan: 

NOTE this action cannot be undone, only delete content where required or necessary.

Scans made under the Tertiary Music Agreement in Australia are not added to the shared vault and once expired and no longer being used, these scans should be removed from the vault, as advised by Universities Australia.

Q - What if a user withdraws a scan that is being used via the Shared vault in Talis Aspire by another institution?

A - The action will only remove from your vault, as the other institutions may have copyright permissions. Note - As a reminder only UK (inc IRE), Australia and New Zealand have shared vaults per region.

For more information on the shared vault see the support article - Shared vault in Talis Aspire


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