Gathering feedback on Talis Elevate use 

As part of your introduction and continued use of Talis Elevate, you’ll want to gather both quantitative and qualitative feedback from both students and staff. This guide is designed to give you some guidance on what we’ve seen work well from across the Talis Elevate Community. 

Good practice in facilitating evaluative activity 

For both academics and student surveys you’ll want to consider the following for your evaluative activity: 

  • What do you need to demonstrate to the Department/University? Was there a specific reason you implemented Talis Elevate, that you need evidence? 
  • Consider the timing of a survey carefully. We know how painful survey overload can be. We’d recommend a mid-semester check in and possibly end of term  
  • Keep your surveys as short as possible, maximum 5 questions for student surveys and max 10 for academic surveys 
  • We reckon taking a mixed methods approach with your data gathering. Stories are really valuable for measuring impact though data is equally valuable, especially when ascertaining impact 
  • Students may not know Talis Elevate by name. We’d recommend using the term ‘collaborative annotation’ tool if you haven’t been ‘branding’ Talis Elevate in your surveys 
  • If available, and applicable within your institution, consider incentives for completing the surveys. This could be as small as some snacks, or up to a shopping voucher. 
  • Depending on your institution's rules around surveys and evaluations, this may need to be cleared by your ethics committee, especially if you are planning to use this data for any further research or publication. 

Using Data to develop your evidence base? 

Please contact about gathering data for Talis Elevate evaluations and your account manager will be in touch.

Student Survey examples

‘Usefulness’ survey 

This is a quick survey that can be done easily using audience response and form based tools, and can be a good indicator of how Talis Elevate has helped students learn. We recommend using this mid-way through a module semester (e.g. week 6-7)

Link to survey 

Academic Reading survey 

A common application for Talis Elevate is to support digital and collaborative reading practice. If If you are planning to measure the impact Talis Elevate has had on digital reading practice, you may wish to deliver a survey towards the earlier and later stages of a module/pilot period. Some example questions are below; we would recommend including open ended responses after each question 

Link to survey 

Wider evaluation 

If you are part of a pilot group, or a wider collection of colleagues using Talis Elevate for the first time, you may wish to consider a more in depth evaluative activity. We’ve created this example evaluation based on previous pilot project activity. We’d recommend copying this and delivering via your own tools (like Microsoft forms) 

Academic Feedback

Staff feedback should seek to answer the following questions ideally 

  • To what extent has this been used in teaching 
  • What impact do you feel this has had on your module
  • What changes in student behaviour have you observed? 
  • How have you used this in practice? 
  • Would you recommend using this in future? 

You can typically ask for more from colleagues, especially if part of a wider evaluation. 

Impact survey 

This is a good approach, based off a product market fit survey, that helps frame questioning around what’s been gained and what would be lost if you stop using Talis Elevate. We recommend this being asked towards the end of term once you’ve gained some good use case and application  

Link to survey example

Case study examples 

You may wish to gather case studies specifically from your pilot groups. If you do, we recommend something simple like this as an initial indicator of application and impact. We’d intentionally keep this as a qualitative survey, as you’ll get a level of depth to your responses that can be hugely valuable when developing case studies.  

Link to survey 

In depth evaluative survey 

If you seek to gather more detailed feedback as part of evaluative activity, this survey seeks to gather a mix of stories about application, detail on student engagement, future thinking and specifically around future use 

Link to survey 

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