Network Connections for FOLIO Systems

This article outlines connections that will need to be made between Talis products and the Open Source FOLIO Library Management System.

You should check with your FOLIO installer to ensure that the Z39.50/SRU module has been installed for your system.  They will also be able to help you identify the correct port as there may be differences to those listed here.

Talis Aspire Reading Lists and Talis Aspire Digitised Content both need access to these services on your FOLIO system.

  • SRU — This is usually proxied over SSL (port 448).
    • This service is used to lookup bibliographic details for resources when bookmarking.
    • This service is used to lookup live item availability to show on a list.
  • Authentication — The SRU service is expected to require a username and password passed in the URL query parameters...
  • Configuration — The SRU service will need to be configured to support the following indexmap keys
    • isbn
    • issn
    • hrid
    • An example Index map configuration (may not work without tweaking for local values)
      "indexMap": {
      "1": "contributors/@name",
      "4": "title",
      "7": "identifiers/@value/@identifierTypeId=\"8261054f-be78-422d-bd51-4ed9f33c3422\"",
      "8": "identifiers/@value/@identifierTypeId=\"913300b2-03ed-469a-8179-c1092c991227\"",
      "12": {
      "cql": "hrid",
      "relation": "==",
      "omitSortIndexModifiers": [
      "21": "subjects",
      "31": "publication.dateOfPublication",
      "1003": "contributors/@name",
      "1016": "keyword",
      "1019": "source",
      "1108": "source",
      "1155": "source",
      "1211": "identifiers/@value/@identifierTypeId=\"439bfbae-75bc-4f74-9fc7-b2a2d47ce3ef\"",
      "9997": "title,indexTitle",
      "9998": "item.barcode",
      "9999": "contributors/@name,title,hrid,subjects",
      "default": "keyword"
      "graphqlQuery": "instances.graphql-query",
      "chunkSize": 5

The Talis IP address ranges that might use these services are listed in the main IP address article.

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