Building in-product guidance into Talis Elevate



As Talis Elevate continues to grow across more and more institutions and into more disciplines, it's becoming increasingly important for Talis, and its institutional community, that staff training is scalable. Therefore, we've been working to cover the basics directly in the product! 

In August 2021, we will be launching our in-product walkthroughs into Talis Elevate, starting with 'academic onboarding'. This guidance is designed to help academics navigate Talis Elevate autonomously, think about the important things at the right time in their design or usage, and to provide targeted guidance and support around the most important elements of collaborative annotation in teaching. 
These guides will be launched from within Talis Elevate's Module Manager and within the resource player. The guides are all accessible, responsive, and of course, dismissible. 

What are we covering in these guides? 

  • How to create modules 
  • How to upload resources 
  • Using video content in teaching (good practice) 
  • Annotation 101
  • How will you use Talis Elevate in your teaching? (good practice) 
  • Introducing Talis Elevate to your students (good practice) 
  • Analytics 101
The goal of this work is to provide a consistent and scalable approach to staff training and support, so any work we (or you) deliver around Talis Elevate usage focuses on practical application and discipline specific adoption. These guides will support our academic users entering Talis Elevate via both the native and LTI experiences. 

Student Support 

We are also publishing a student guide into the product. This is very light touch, and focuses on how to create annotations on various resources/devices. Critically, we are also including guidance for students on data collection, and what academics see in Talis Elevate. 

What should we expect? 

These walkthroughs will show to all users within Talis Elevate, and will be driven by actions within the product. We have ensured these are non-intrusive, and designed to be succinct and easy to navigate. Those interacting with guides will be able to snooze and exit as desired. These guides will not 'block' users from any content, and are fully labelled with ARIA labels, autofocus etc to ensure accessibility. 
We will be launching this over the summer in preparation for new starters and those new to Talis Elevate. If you have any questions or comments, please do get in touch.

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