Leaving Talis Elevate, and taking your data with you

Whilst we will be very sad to see you leave the Talis Elevate community, we don't want this to be a poor experience for you. 


Leaving Talis 

  • If you cease your subscription with Talis Elevate, but you continue to be a Talis Aspire customer, your Talis Elevate data will be permanently deleted and your Talis Elevate tenancy will be removed. User information will be kept for those also using Talis Aspire 
  • If you leave Talis completely, all tenancy, resource, event, user profile, and annotation data will be deleted in accordance with our data retention policy. 

Taking your data with you 

  • Event data for Talis Elevate use is accessible via our Advanced MIS platform for extraction to your own systems. This is extractable periodically if desirable. We hold this data for 36months for 24hr aggregation. 
  • If customers don’t renew Talis Elevate, we would delete the whole tenancy, including content, annotations, etc. We do not have the ability to export ‘all’ event data per tenancy. This would just be deleted in accordance with retention policies
  • We would be able to bulk extract all resources, and export all annotations to CSV. There is no additional cost for this service 



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