Talis Aspire Product Update Webinar - May 2021

As different regions have different priorities, our Product Update webinars sometimes differ to fit the needs of that region. This month our webinars focused on three very different areas.


APAC webinar:

Focused on an update on the work to support Music scores in Talis Aspire, and also contained a demonstration of the Shared Vault.

UPDATE: As said in the webinar, o\nly PDFs associated with digitisation requests that are cleared under your RRO (ie. CAL, CLL, CAL) are made available to the Shared Vault. Requests that were cleared under 'any' other process are not available to other universities on the Shared Vault.

You might also be interested in the following support article on the Shared vault in Talis Aspire.

Europe had 2 webinars:

Canada webinar:

Focused on rollover in Talis Aspire

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