Completing the digitisation request form


The request form in Talis Aspire Copyright Clearance allows List Publishers to request copyright clearance material directly. This form can also be used as a stand-alone method for requesting copyright-cleared materials outside of a reading list. More information on using the form outside of the reading list is available here.

Requesting a book chapter

To request a book chapter, tick the "This is a full chapter" and the option to add the Chapter's title will appear.


What happens if I leave the page range blank?

If no page range is entered in the digitisation for a chapter and it is the first chapter in the book to be requested for the date range of the request, the request goes through copyright checks for a chapter.

The page range becomes important where another portion (chapter or page range) is requested to be made available during the 1st chapters date range. This is because the copyright checks then fall back to the percentage copy limit (eg. for CLA and CAL this is 1 chapter or 10% of the total work, whichever is greater).  In this scenario, this second digitisation request will be referred, as Talis Aspire Copyright Clearance needs the page range of the first request in order to calculate if this new request is within copyright limits.


Requesting a section of a book

To request a section of a book, untick the "This is a full chapter" you can enter the page range in the boxes below.


Requesting a journal article

Use the Resource type dropdown menu to select and request a Journal Article.



Error notification

Errors within the request form will now display at each step before allowing the user making the request to move forward to the next step.



Needed by date

The 'Needed by' field is optionally mandatory, and blank by default as a populated field does not encourage accurate information. The calendar function selects the date so that it defaults to the current month or the course start date if this is in the future.



You can change the mandatory behaviour of the 'Needed by date' field in the Admin > Settings > Policies, see Settings in Talis Aspire Digitised Content for details.

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