Accepting a role invitation in Talis Aspire

How to accept an invite

There are two methods to accept a role in Talis Aspire:

From an invite email

When an invitation is sent from Talis Aspire, this generates an automatic email that is sent to the invitee.  This email contains information on the role that is being sent, along with a link to accept the invitation.

From your profile

Sometimes your email can filter out automated emails, so if you've not received an email, but know that you have been sent a role invite, you can accept the invitation from your Profile in Talis Aspire.

  1. Log in to your reading lists
  2. Click on your name in the navigation bar, then select 'View profile'.
  3. Your profile will open to your Reading Intentions summary. Click the 'My invites' tab to see any waiting invites.
  4. Click the action button and then select 'Accept invite'
  5. This will then load a final screen asking you to confirm if you want to accept the role. Once you accept the role, you will be able to perform the tasks permitted with that role.

For information on roles see What is a role and what is a permission.

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