Using mentions in Talis Elevate

Similar to mentions on social media, you can now use the "@" symbol to call out specific students or anonymous users in a comment. 

Mentions when creating a new comment

To use mentions simply start writing a comment and complete the following steps:

  1. Type @ in the comment box and start typing a user's name
  2. Select a user to mention
  3. Write your comment
  4. Save your comment


This will call out on the resource, and also email the user you mentioned to let them know what you've commented (and mentioned) them about. 

Responding to a previous comment

When you click reply to an existing comment in Talis Elevate, the @mention will automatically be added to your reply. This is particularly useful if you're responding to a reply within a long thread as this helps those reading the thread to track individual conversations.


This will call them out via a @mention, and add your comment to the end of the thread so that the comments are kept in chronological order.

What does it do?

As said above, using @mention will call out the person, which means that you can alert someone to specific content in the resource, or to a particular comment thread. 

As well as calling the person out on the resource, they will receive an email notification containing your comment and a quick link to view the resource and reply (unless the person you have mentioned has their notifications set to "Nothing"). More information on updating your notification settings can be found in the following support article: Update your notification settings in Talis Elevate.

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