Kopinor Census report from Talis Aspire (Norway)


This article explains how to download your Kopinor census report from Talis Aspire Digitised Content (TADC).

Accessing the report

In your TADC tenancy under the Reports tab, you will see the option for "Kopinor census report". You then have the option to set your reporting start and end dates to filter the results in the report, before downloading it as a CSV or Excel document. 

What does the report include?

The Kopinor census report only details those requests necessary for reporting under the terms of your licence. Requests that were ultimately unsuccessful for whatever reason are not included in the report.

The report can be downloaded in CSV or Excel in a format approved and acceptable by Kopinor.

The downloaded census report contains 2 tabs:

  • Main report - a complete report on requests raised and made live under the Kopinor licence.
  • Transactional copies - information on the requests made via a transactional permission.

Note: a single request will have multiple lines in the report if:

  • It contains multiple page ranges (eg. If a request is processed for 2 page ranges (pp.11-14; 17-22) it will have 2 lines on the report).
  • It contains multiple course codes (eg. if a request is identified for MMM121; MMM133 it will have 2 lines on the report)

More information on the Kopinor Licence for Higher Education is available here.

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