Commenting in Talis Elevate from your mobile device

No matter what device you are using, you are able to add comments and make notes from any device.

Please note: For commenting on text on touch devices, currently only one word can be highlighted, so we'd recommend highlighting the first word of the text you're wanting to comment on.

Starting a new comment

To start a new comment simply tap on the location in the document you're wanting to comment on - it could be an image or a word. Tapping on a word will highlight text, tapping on a non-text element will drop a pin 

Select "Comment" to start making your annotations.


This will load a new tab in your mobile's web browser for you to add your comment. Enter your comment in the text box and select if you want to comment as yourself, comment anonymously, or just add this to your personal notes.


Once you select your commenting option, you will receive a brief confirmation message that your comment was saved, before being taken back to the original tab where you were viewing your resource.


Viewing and replying to comments

To view and reply to a comment, while on your mobile device, simply tap the comment's coloured highlight or pin and select "View comment".


This will open a new tab where you can view and reply (owned or anonymously) to the comment.


Once you've selected to reply or reply anonymously, your reply will save and display below the original comment.


Editing a comment or note

To edit or delete one of your comments or notes simply open the comment as described above, then tap on the action button and select edit.


Switching from class to personal notes

To see everyone's class comments on the resource, scroll to the top of the resource to see the Talis Elevate menu icons and click the double speech bubble icon so that it is underlined. To swap to see only where you have made personal notes, click the paper icon (it will underline).


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