Talis Aspire and Perlego Integration - Minimal option


In response to the feedback we have received regarding the Perlego integration in Talis Aspire, we have made changes to better suit your needs in a minimal integration.

How does this look? 

We’ve created a video to explain what we’ve done and why - watch it here.

Summary of changes

  • The alert banner message is more informative and less ad like
  • Library availability is distinct from alternative availability 
  • When a student visits Perlego via the Free Trial button, Perlego have added a welcome pop-up to give extra information to the student coming via Talis Aspire
  • Introducing a minimal integration that just surfaces the option in the expanded item view.
  • Flexibility to apply either version on a department or list by list basis. This enables you to canvas opinions from students on a demo list, pilot in some department or apply for specific courses.

How do I change the Perlego option on a list by list basis?

The List Integratons - Report will enable you to apply the Perlego integration, both standard or minimal. You can see our support article here for details: List Integratons - Report support article

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