Talis Aspire and Perlego Integration - Minimal option


In response to the feedback we have received regarding the Perlego integration in Talis Aspire, we have made changes to better suit the needs of your students and introduced a minimal integration option.

What's the difference between standard and minimal?

Standard Minimal
Banner that appears on the top of the screen telling students how many resources on the list are available in Perlego. This is visible until the student selects to hide it. No banner on the list.
P for Perlego appears on the book jacket of items that are available on Perlego - visible until the Perlego banner has been hidden by the student. No icons on book jackets.
Perlego appears in the "Filter all" filter. Perlego does not appear in the "Filter all" filter.
Perlego link appears under the "Alternative availability" information on the item. Perlego link appears under the "Alternative availability" information on the item.

How does this look?

Standard integration:


Minimal integration option:


How do I change the Perlego integration option on a list-by-list basis?

The List Integratons Report will enable you to apply the Perlego integration, both standard or minimal. You can see our support article here for details: List Integratons - Report support article.

Support articles

We have put together two other support articles to guide you on the integration, including a frequently asked questions section we will keep updated:

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