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The List Integrations report allows you to flexibly select which reading lists have the Talis Aspire Perlego integration, details are in this Talis Aspire and Perlego support article.

Please note this is currently for the UK and APAC Talis Aspire tenancies only, but as Perlego is made available in other regions, this report will also become available.

Why use this report?

There are many reasons you might choose to change the Perlego integration settings for individual lists, including:

  • There may be some courses/modules that you would like to exclusively enable the Perlego integration for, for example, if there are difficult to resource items.
  • To enable Perlego to give students more choice on how they access resource list texts. Perlego is designed to complement your extensive library print and electronic collections, and any other existing bookstore integration you have.
  • An academic, or particular Subject Librarian may have requested that the Perlego integration be switched off for their courses and lists only. 

Process for using this report to change the integration on lists

Step 1: While on the List Integrations report, use the filters in the usual way you would identify the lists you would like to update. This could be by filtering by a specific module code, or list owner. 

Step 2: When the lists are displayed in the results, tick those which apply, or if all on the page tick the top. Note, the page will select up to 25 items on the page, but you can then 'Select all items'. 


Step 3: From the action menu, you are able to select the level of Perlego integration you would like the list to be displayed as.



Integration options explained 


The standard selection displays the Perlego information banner at the top of the list, and Perlego availability alongside your other bookstores when items are expanded. The list can be filtered to the specific resources available from Perlego: 



The minimal selection is for where you want the list to have Perlego appear alongside any existing bookstore you have, but no banner at the top of the list. 


Institutional Default:

Selecting "Institutional default" will change the lists to the integration option that is used across your Reading List tenancy. 

Once you have initiated the change to an integration level, this can be monitored on the Review Jobs screen, or just wait for the email notification.

Support articles

We have put together two other support articles to guide you on the integration, including a frequently asked questions section we will keep updated:

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