Talis Aspire digitisation life cycle

This article summarises the life cycle of a digitisation request, from raising the request, processing through copyright clearance workflows, to the request expiring.

  1. Raising the digitisation request
  2. Talis Aspire checks the request
    1. Identifies the requested resource - Once the request is identified, in the UK, Talis Aspire will then go on to check the CLA Check Permissions API.
    2. Edition checks - Talis Aspire will check to see if is there a more recent edition of the work so that you can make a conscious effort to maintain the most current information being shared with your students.
    3. Copyright limit checks - Talis Aspire identifies all manifestations of a work and checks that the copy limit has not been exceeded for the work on a course or for the institution (depending on the copyright region and settings you have selected for your tenancy).
    4. Holdings checks - Talis Aspire reviews your print holdings and uses your link resolver to check for the possibility of electronic holdings.

  3. Talis Aspire checks for available PDFs to attach to the request.
    1. Checks if the PDF is available in your Talis Aspire vault. If a matching PDF is found, the request proceeds to step 3.
    2. Checks for available copy in Shared Vault (If available in your region). If a match(es) are found, you are presented with a link to preview each match and select a PDF to use.

  4. If no matches are found, or if there isn't an appropriate PDF to use from the Shared Vault, you are also prompted to upload a copy.

  5. Talis Aspire creates a bundle
    1. If the request was processed under your region's copyright licence, a system-generated cover sheet is attached to the PDF to create a request bundle for your users.
    2. If the request was processed under alternative copyright permissions you have the ability to upload a manually created coversheet for the bundle.

  6. Proceeds through to Live status, awaiting the start date to pass (if it hasn't already).

  7. Digitisation expires at midnight local time on the end date recorded in the digitisation request.
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