Enhanced supplier integration in Reviews - Ebook Central


Following user feedback, Proquest have enabled a deeper integration within the Reviews area of Talis Aspire. The integration provides university specific pricing for titles, as well as displaying alternative formats available for the item. Please note that the integration will take users to the LibCentral interface.

Ebook Central integration

The integration works with actual list data and your university's unique account settings, allowing specific purchasing decisions to be made based on specific licences and agreements unique to your institution. Any discounts you have negotiated with Proquest will automatically be reflected in the prices displayed onscreen, and they will show in your native currency.



The enhanced supplier integration details the various available Ebook models, and will highlight if you have already purchased any of the options available. The screenshot below shows a choice of 5 different access models for a title where the institution has already purchased an unlimited subscription:


The Select button takes you to the LibCentral interface so you can review the item and then place the order, it does not automatically place the order from Talis Aspire.

How do I get this enabled for our tenancy?

Proquest have provided us with a list of mutual customers, so we will be able to enable this on your tenancy if you use Ebook Central - no action is required on your part.

Why does the pricing sometimes differ from what I see in LibCentral?

Proquest advise the price in Talis Aspire is the one that will be billed and are working to display this consistently across LibCentral by the end of the year, based on current development plans. In short, Talis Aspire shows the accurate pricing including the discount where applicable.

There's a book on my list but no availability is displaying?

Like all supplier integrations, we use the ISBN to match titles against the book supplier. Do check that an ISBN is present in the bookmark, if it is please raise a support ticket.

Will Talis be developing a similar integration with other suppliers?

Askews and Holts also provide a similar integration, providing pricing for different editions which is unique to your institution. We are keen to work with other suppliers to ensure that our universities benefit from further enhanced supplier integrations, making acquisitions workflows and decisions easier. We will work to keep our universities updated on progress.

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