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New releases and fixes for Talis Aspire

This page lists details of new releases and fixes for Talis Aspire, beginning September 2020.

Release Update - 4th March 2021


Bookmarking improvements this week for the following sites:

  • FigShare
  • Informit
  • New York Times
  • OVID

More information on where you can bookmark from is in this support article: Where can I bookmark from? 

Release Update - 26th February 2021


We are happy to announce that we have resolved the issue relating to the View Online button and Link resolver/OpenURL links for Chapter bookmarks. Now when you select to use the OpenURL as the "link to" option for a Chapter bookmark, the View Online button will appear on your list item. OpenURLs are generated using the link base you have provided to Talis, and the metadata contained within the bookmark, looking to match the item with your online holdings.

Release Update - 15th February 2021


[All customers] We are excited to announce that the "Music scores" resource type is now available in Talis Aspire Reading Lists, enabling you to more accurately describe your music scores on reading lists. For more information on resource types available, please see What resource types are supported in Talis Aspire Reading Lists?


Release Update - 8th February 2021


[All Customers] We are pleased to advise that the "Report broken link" functionality is now available when viewing an individual section of a reading list (eg. when a section has been linked to via LTI). For more information on enabling this functionality on your reading lists, see our Report a broken link from a reading list support article.


Release Update - 15th January 2021


[Canadian customers] When a reading list is associated with a time period that has either not yet started or has already concluded, a banner is presented on the list notifying staff and students of this information. Based on feedback we have received from our Canadian community on the format/ordering of the date within this message, we have now updated this format for Canadian tenancies to be YYYY-MM-DD in line with the ISO standard international date format.

Example message: This list relates to the term Academic Year 2021/22 which does not start until 2021-09-01


Release Update - 14th December 2020


[This is currently available to UK customers only] Again, based on your feedback we have added into Talis Aspire a new List Integration Report which offers the flexibility to apply either Perlego integration version on a department or list-by-list basis. This is a bulk action so only accessible to those who have ‘view reports’ and ‘bulk actions’ permissions (unless you have made this more widely available applicable to System Administrators by default).

For more information please see our List Integrations Report support article

Release Update - 11th December 2020


Based on feedback we have received from you, the Talis Aspire community, we have separated the availability information on items so that, at a glance, users can identify the specific availability information they are looking for. New headings are "Library availability" and "Alternative availability".


Release Update - 3rd December 2020


Bookmarking improvements this week for the following sites:

  • Alexander Street Press
  • Film on Demand

More information on where you can bookmark from is in this support article: Where can I bookmark from? 

Release Update - 27th November 2020


We have released 3 improvements this week:

Student numbers - we have added validation checks to student numbers, meaning student numbers must be numbers only - this safeguards against any accidental spaces.

Emails generated by Talis Aspire (eg. list publisher invitations, report export notifications, etc.) now contain the https version of your tenancy web address.

Bookmarking improvements this week for the following sites:

  • Asia Pacific Journal
  • Australian Humanities Review
  • History in focus
  • [in]Transition
  • Refractory: a Journal of Entertainment Media
  • The Atlantic
  • Tate papers

More information on where you can bookmark from is in this support article: Where can I bookmark from? 

Release Update - 11th November 2020


We have released a new integration with Ebook Central which is available in the Reviews area. The integration displays the various Ebook models available from Ebook Central for a given title, as well as pricing that is unique to your institution, to aid with purchasing decisions. More information is available in this support article:

Enhanced supplier integration in Reviews - Ebook Central


Release Update - 14th September 2020

Students can now see which items on their Talis Aspire Reading List are available in Perlego, and they’ll be able to click straight through to the item page on the Perlego site. They’ll also be able to click through to get a free trial with Perlego (they can hide this banner at any stage).

To support this update, we’ve created some support materials which you can find here:


Release Update - 11th September 2020

Talis Aspire Copyright Clearance can now fully support the workflows of the CLA and ICLA COVID-19 Relaxations. Talis has prioritised this development to support this change in the ruleset. Following an evaluation of the value to our users in these unprecedented times, we felt that this is a valuable temporary addition to the service.

Full details can be found in the updated supported article:
COVID-19 Relaxation to the CLA HE Licence - Talis Aspire

The change consists of the extent override option in addition to the normal workflow:

  • Override extent up to 20% or 2 Chapters (whichever is the greater)
  • NOTE: To apply the 20% or 2 Chapters, the publisher must be on the participating list.
  • Please do take time to remind yourself of the conditions - or as you are manually overriding with your own judgement in light of the relaxations.

If you have had the need to use the relaxation prior to the full workflow being in place please do use Replace Request, so that we can now track and send the data monthly to the CLA on your behalf.

If you have any issues using the new functionality, please do raise a support case.

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