Reading list statuses explained

Your reading list can be in one of four statuses which will impact how the list can be accessed, searched for, and edited. This article summarises what each status means for you and your students.

Draft lists

These are lists that have never been published. This means students won't be able to locate this list using the tenancy search feature. It is only available to those with the permission to edit the list (eg. list creator, list publisher and system admins). If you share the list's URL with someone who doesn't have the appropriate permissions they'll get an error message.

Published lists

These lists are available for your staff and students (and possibly publicly depending on your list's privacy setting). Once a list is published it can not be unpublished, only archived.

Published lists with unpublished changes

These lists have a published version which is available for your staff and students, as well as a version with changes which have not yet been published. These unpublished changes are only visible to people with the edit lists permission. If you have a list in this state and want to compare the published to the updated version, click on the 'View' menu and choose 'As student'.

Archived lists

An archived list is no longer published and cannot be discovered via the search functionality for the tenancy homepage, although it can still be retrieved by anyone with access to reports.

Any saved LTI links will continue to link to the archived list, however if the LTI is still doing it's best guess linking, ie. it has not been confirmed to link to the list or individual section, the archived lists will no longer display in your LMS/VLE. This is because the LTI best guess uses the reading list search functionality to locate a matching list.

You're not able to edit an archived list's structure or notes, however you can update an item - this is useful for removing or correcting web addresses and other data about the item.

More detail about Archived Lists is available in the following support article: Archiving a list.

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