Authenticate with Microsoft Azure AD

If your authentication identity provider (IDP) is in a federation that Talis is also a member of, then all we would need is the entity id of your IDP.

If your IDP is not in any federation then we will need your signed federation metadata in order to add your IDP to our configuration.  For Microsoft Azure the URL looks something like this.<uniidentifier>/federationmetadata/2007-06/federationmetadata.xml?appid=<appid>
  • The <uniidentifier> is a long code unique to your azure instance.
  • The <appid> is an identifier for the specific app that you will have to configure in Azure. You will need to trust our SAML Service Provider (SP). Our entity ID is also the URL that you can get our SP metadata from.
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You will also need to be sure to release to us the required attributes in the metadata as a minimum, but you will probably also want to consider additional attributes. These may vary between Talis Applications. Your Talis consultant will advise you which additional attributes need to be considered.

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