Talis Aspire and Perlego Integration - University Guide and FAQs


Talis Aspire has a new integration with Perlego for student subscription to eTextbooks, available in two integration options: Standard and Minimal.

We know from our own research that students expect to purchase some textbooks themselves in addition to library provision. This flexible option gives students the following benefits:

  • Provide students with an affordable way to get unlimited access to over 580,000 ebooks and eTextbooks. Perlego is only:
    • GBP: £12/month or £96/year
    • AUD: $18/month or $144/year
  • Students can access a 14-day free trial to decide if it is good value for money based on their own individual study needs and budget.
  • Giving students more choice on how they access resource list texts. Perlego is designed to complement your extensive library print and electronic collections, and any other existing bookstore integration you have.


The standard integration display consists of an information banner at the top of each list and available items are also badged with the Perlego 'P' on the book jacket for a quick visual guide to coverage. Both of these can be hidden for an individual list if the student doesn't wish to see it and it's not visible in the List edit view that academics see, but can be seen if they select 'View' > 'As student'.

In addition, a link is a bookstore link in the expanded item view to the title in Perlego is visible to all.Perlego_Examples___Services.png

Information banner:


The minimal option does not have the banner on the list, nor the 'P' on the book jacket of the item. It simply shows the Perlego availability with the other alternative availability options (ie. your bookstore) with the item is expanded:



Frequently asked questions 

Q - How do I enable this new feature?

A - You can set a tenancy default of Standard or Minimal. If Perlego is not already available on your reading list tenancy, please raise a support ticket. Or, by using the List Integration Report you can set the integration for lists in bulk or for individual lists.

Q - How soon after enabling a Perlego integration on my list(s), or adding a new item to a list, will the Perlego availability display?

Perlego availability is updated on items on Sunday GMT/Monday Morning APAC. This is when data is pushed through to the data warehouse.

Q - What does this look like for students?

A  - Screenshots above are from the Student view and also see our related support article: Talis Aspire and Perlego integration for students

Q - How can I find out more about the terms of the subscriptions on behalf of students?

A - Perlego also has a comprehensive FAQ page you can refer to.

Q - What publishers are represented in the Perlego catalogue?

A - Perlego continues to acquire titles and publishers. They have a discovery page that shows the spread of titles by Publisher - Perlego - Publishers.

We would also encourage that you explore the topics available, by clicking Discover from the main Perlego Homepage.

Q - We have concerns that students will think this is a service from or recommended by the University or Library, asking students to purchase their own textbooks?

A - Talis took time to review the messaging within the customer base and amended based on that initial feedback before taking it to a panel of UK based students who had not previously heard of Perlego. Our results show that the majority of students would find the Perlego integration a useful addition to their reading or resource lists.


We asked the students the following questions:

Q - We don't want the message in this banner to seem like the library or university is instructing students to use the Perlego service but simply presenting a purchase option if that's what you choose to do. Have we been successful?

The result: 85% agreed that we had been successful.

We also asked more general questions including:

Q - How many books did you or do you expect to buy for self-study this academic year?

The result: 75% expected to buy textbooks, with 45% saying they would expect to buy 4 or more textbooks

Q - In your experience or expectation of study is this Perlego offer something you would explore?

The result:

  • Highly likely = 10%
  • Likely = 55%
  • Unlikely = 20%
  • Highly unlikely = 15%

If you want to find out what students at your university think we are happy to run the same survey questions with a user group from your university. 

Q - Where does the Perlego link appear in each item relative to any Library e-book links?

A -  See below a screenshot of the Perlego integration on a book which is also available as an Ebook in the library. You will see the link appears underneath the Digital book for the library, alongside the bookstore link and is indicated with the Perlego logo on the bookjacket. 


Q - We understand this may be beneficial to some students but we would still prefer this was not available in our tenancy can we ask for it not to be switched on?

A - Sure, raise a support ticket with your concerns or feedback and we can opt you out of the service. 

If you have any other questions regarding the Perlego integration please do raise a support ticket

Q - Does the Perlego integration provide content for overseas students?

A - For the student's own subscriptions, students will see just the content that is available to them based on the country that they are in (using their IP address). If they land on a book that's not available to them, they will still see the book page, but they will see a message in red text informing them that the content is unavailable.

This works slightly differently for university-funded subscriptions. For example, if there is a student who has signed up via their UK based university, they will have the rights to access all the books that we have available in the UK, no matter where they are in the world.

Q - If a list has no items which are available for Perlego, what message will students see?

A - The Perlego integration with Talis Aspire needs at least one resource to show the banner, so if there are no resources available in Perlego they will not see the banner message.

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