Talis Aspire and Perlego Integration - Student Guide


Talis Aspire has a new integration with Perlego for student subscription to eTextbooks.

This flexible option gives students the following benefits:

  • Provide students with an affordable way to get unlimited access to over 580,000 ebooks and eTextbooks. Perlego is only:
    • GBP: £12/month or £96/year
    • AUD: $18/month or $144/year
  • Students can access a 14-day free trial to decide if it is good value for money based on their own individual study needs and budget.
  • Students have more choice on how they access resource list texts. Perlego is designed to complement your extensive library print and electronic collections, and any other existing bookstore integration you have.

This support article guides you through the student view for Perlego. 

View for students 

Students will see a message introducing the new feature at the top of each list and available items are also badged with the Perlego 'P' on the book jacket for a quick visual guide to coverage.


Both of these can be hidden for an individual list if the student wishes to ignore or has already taken up the offer.


When students click 'Free trial' they will be redirected to Perlego to sign up for a free trial, the button text changes to 'Find out more' once clicked.



Once the Perlego offer is hidden students are reminded how they can access the filter - this is useful for students who have subscribed to the Free trial.


For ease of reference, students are able to use the filter option to navigate directly to items that are available through Perlego:


Students will link out directly via 'Free trial' or 'Find out more' from the item in Talis Aspire to the item in Perlego. This link sits alongside the other bookstore you may have enabled on your Talis Aspire tenancy, see screenshot below:


If you have any other questions regarding the Perlego integration please do raise a support ticket.

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