Talis Elevate and 3rd Party Cookies


Talis Elevate requires cookies to be set in your web browser before you can access any content. Browsers, by default, are sometimes blocking 3rd party cookies, meaning you'll need to 'authorise' Talis Elevate before it's works as designed. 

This article steps you through what you will see when if you run into issues, and the steps to resolve the problem. 


When you first attempt to open a resource from Talis Elevate you may see a message asking you to authenticate - this is just making sure that you are supposed to be viewing the resource.

Click the 'Start' button to begin the authentication process (the below screenshots are from Canvas).


Your browser will then load a popup asking you to "allow "talis.com" to use cookies and website data" - so that you can view the resource you will need to click 'Allow'.


This will log you in to your institution/university's authentication system.

Once you've logged in you're almost there.  Click the 'Finish authentication process' button to progress to the last step before you can view your resource.


You're now back in your course within your VLE, where you simply need to click 'Continue' to load your resource.


Your resource will then load within your VLE course site. If you run into issues after this step, please refresh your browser and try the action again (e.g. launching the Talis Elevate uploader). 

For further support, please click the 'Help' button below and raise a support ticket.

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