Amending module details in Talis Elevate

You may wish to update your module information on Talis Elevate during your teaching. For example, amending the number of students you expect to have on the module, or update the start/end dates to ensure you have a 'blank canvas' on your content (see here for more info). 

To do this, please do the following:

1. Login to the Module Manager via, add your institution details in the text box and login using your institutions login page.


2. Once in the Module Manager, select the module you wish to amend, then click the three dots next to the 'Add resource' button and select 'Edit module'


3. At this point you can amend the title and module code, start/end dates, settings around class comments, and approximate students numbers, impacting analytics.


Please note, amending your module code may mean that digitisations once available are no longer accessible, as these are restricted to specific modules 

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