Exposing class comments and personal note counts throughout Talis Elevate

When speaking with Talis Elevate academic community, we often hear about the value that the analytical insight can provide. It can be useful for bringing focus back to resources and targeting student support. Usage analytics can also help academics make informed decisions to adapt their planned teaching based on interaction and engagement. We wanted to expand on this and provide even more insight into how students are using resources.

We’re excited to announce that from the 6th July 2020, you will have a new level of insight into ‘how’ your content is being used on your modules.  

This means that you will see annotation activity by resource and by student throughout Talis Elevate. You will also be able to get insight into how your students are using Talis Elevate for independent study. 


Why is this important?

We spend a huge amount of time supporting our students, creating and curating content, but until now, we had little idea how this is all used, beyond time based engagement. 

Whilst we know that Talis Elevate analytics can be valuable for informing our learning design practice, giving our users another level of insight into how content is being used can add further intelligence to our practice. Time is a relatively blunt measure in this regard, so, how students utilise that time with annotation activity is an important factor to consider.  

For example, if you can ascertain that a number of specific resources seem to be used primarily for private note taking, or conversely, you can see that an individual student never contributes to class discussion, but takes lots of private notes. By gaining a more complete picture of how they interact with the resources, you’ve gained a new level of insight into the use and interaction with the learning process. 

Where will you show this? 

We will show this in all areas of the product you’ll be familiar with 

  • In the module manager: We will show this data for both resources and students, across the whole module



  • In the analytics modal within a resource: You’ll see the individual annotation data for individual students) 


  • In analytics emails: We will show insight about the number of class comments and personal notes that have happened this week, and also show this level of detail for your top 3 accessed resources.


What will I be able to see? 

You wont be able to see the content of your students’ private notes. We believe that we need to preserve the independent study to be your students own domain, just like we believe we need to preserve student anonymity if they self-select to engage with content anonymously. 

However, your students can download their own personal notes and comments by following the instructions in this article.


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