Using Talis Elevate with Microsoft Teams

Sharing your Talis Elevate content within Microsoft Teams is similar to sharing your content in your Learning Management System (VLE) and other platforms. This article walks you through the steps for sharing in Microsoft Teams.

  1. Open the action button on the resource you're wanting to share, and select "Copy resource link". You will receive a pop-up message in green down the bottom of the screen confirming that the link has been copied. 
  2. Open Microsoft Teams and go to the team you're wanting to share this resource with.

  3. Add a tab within the Teams channel.
  4. Select "Website" from the list
  5. Paste your Talis Elevate resource URL into the link, give the link a title and click "Save".

For smaller screen sizes your document may show as a thumbnail - this is to ensure you get the best experience using Talis Elevate. Clicking on the thumbnail will open it in a new tab of your default web browser.

Tip: To get more screen real-estate for viewing resources in Microsoft Teams you can hit the 'expand tab' button at the top right of your screen to collapse the sidebar.

Screenshot 2023-07-18 at 12.15.42.png

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