Uploading a PDF into a digitisation request


This article guides you through the process of manually uploading a PDF to your digitisation request. This might be a PDF you university has created or purchased, or you may have sourced this from another university/institution. 


Step 1: Select the Upload button on your referred request:


Step 2: This opens the upload copy screen. Complete the form:

  • Add the page range, section author(s) information (if not already present).
  • Choose the file to upload from your computer or network drive.
  • Identify the source of the original. This is the ownership of the copy (ie. an Institutional copy - Library, Academic/Departmental copy, BL fee pay copy, Other fee pay copy, other).
  • Identify the format of the original (ie. did you make the PDF from a Print or Electronic version).


  • For UK and Ireland - Identify the source of the copy. Used to fulfil the digitisation or scan (ie. Institutional copy, Academic/Departmental copy, BL Fee Pay copy, Other HEI - Shared vault). NOTE: If you select "Other HEI" a free text box will appear for you to enter the institution's name.


Step 3: Once you've completed the form you can click 'Upload'.

Once the PDF is uploaded the request will update and progress to live. You can see the process recorded in the worklog:


Note: If the file you're attempting to upload has been encrypted, this will not upload to TADC without first removing the encryption. See Encrypted files and Talis Aspire Digitised Content

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