Brightspace and Talis Aspire Reading Lists LTI Tool setup

This article applies to LTI 1.1 only

In order to use the Talis Aspire Reading Lists (TARL) LTI Tool you will need to:

This setup could be completed within between 20 - 30 minutes. No code installation is required

  1. You should only setup the TARL LTI Tool if you are working through this mini-project
  2. Make sure you have setup an integration key and secret in Talis Aspire Reading Lists
  3. Instructions for D2L Administrators on Configuring Learning Tool Interoperability support is available from Based on this information we have pulled together the following support information:

    Set up a Tool Provider in Brightspace Desire2Learn
    1. Go to Admin Tools (the cog icon) > External Learning Tools > Manage Tool Providers.
    2. Click the New Tool Provider button.
      1. Launch Point => <tenantshortcode> -- do not include http:// at the start of the address.
      2. Secret => LTI Shared Secret from Talis Aspire Reading Lists
      3. Ensure the OAuth Signature Method is set to SHA1.
      4. Tick "Use custom tool consumer information instead of default".
        • Key => LTI Consumer Key from Talis Aspire Reading Lists
        • Name => Whatever you'd like to call it - this will be visible to the end user.
      5. Visibility => Check off the "Allow users to use this tool provider." checkbox.
      6. Security Settings => At a minimum, allow:
        • Send tool consumer information to tool provider.
        • Send context information to tool provider
        • Send LTI user ID and LTI role list to user provider.
        • Send link title to tool provider.
        • Send link description to tool provider.
      7. Add Org Units that should have access to this tool provider. If a high-level org unit with sub-org units, be sure to indicate that all sub-units should also have access to this tool provider.
      8. Click Save.
    3. Now the provider is set up, you can create a link for your academics to use - Here is a video tutorial created and shared by Brightspace. Alternately, step-by-step instructions are below:
      1. Go to Admin Tools (the cog icon) > External Learning Tools > Manage External Learning Tools.
      2. Select New Link.
      3. Complete the form:
        • Title => This will be visible to the end-user.
        • URL => https://<tenantshortcode>
        • Description => Enter a description if you choose.
        • Visibility => Allow users to view this link
        • Custom parameters => see the section on custom parameters for more info - You will need these and this is where you put them!

We believe this to be complete, however, if you have suggested improvements for the above information please let us know by raising a support ticket.


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