Developer Community

Talis Aspire is nothing without the team of people out in universities who are solving real problems using reading lists and pushing the system to new heights.

The Talis Aspire Developer Community is open to everyone who works with Talis Aspire and common problems can be discussed and solutions explored. We use a weekly video call, a newsletter, and an email group to keep you in the loop.

Who is it for?

We will admit that we do sometimes talk technical... but we make an effort to also explain what we are talking about and why. We don't assume anything and have a 'no question is a silly question' policy. We have all come from different backgrounds and it is that that makes the group dynamic work.

If you don't have a technical background, and would just like to listen in and find out what other people are working on, or to see if there is something that is being shared with the group that you could make use of, then please do join us.

We have people who joined the group simply to ask 'would it be possible to', and other people in the group who have turned that possibility into a reality and are willing to share.

Email Group

There is an email group where any technical questions around Talis Aspire Reading Lists, Copyright Clearance or the Advanced Management Information System (Advanced MIS) are covered on a regular basis.

Recent topics include

  • Working with Talis Aspire APIs to add or remove temporary COVID-19 resources
  • Strategies for creating copies of lists
  • Exploring Data in Advanced MIS
  • Sharing Advanced MIS ideas


We have a regular newsletter, highlighting recent changes to APIs or additions to the data available in the Advanced MIS data warehouse.

Weekly Video Call

We also have a weekly Developer Community Drop In session, hosted in a video call where you can meet with the Talis Consulting Team and grill them on your favourite technical topics of choice!  We share an agenda each week and topics are open to anyone to suggest.

Join Us!

We'd love to have you along. If you would like to join the developer community, and join our video call, email us at and we'll make sure you have the call details, and are added to the group. This is an opt in service and you are deemed to have consented to receive emails from the group by requesting to join!

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