COVID-19 Relaxation to the CLA and ICLA HE Licence - Talis Aspire

Changes to Talis Aspire Copyright Clearance to support the relaxations

Talis Aspire Copyright Clearance can now fully support the workflows of the CLA and ICLA COVID-19 Relaxations.

Note if you are using the DCS Integration with Talis Aspire please follow the specific DCS guidance, the guidance in this article does not apply.

Talis has prioritised the development to reinstate the relaxation to support this change in the ruleset. 

For further information on the Temporary Amendments for CLA please see: Addendum amending CLA Higher Education Licence.

Full details documented by the CLA: Higher Education Licence terms amended until July 2021 to help sector deal with difficulties due to COVID-19 

ICLA specific guidance can be found here: ICLA - Higher Education - Increase in extent limit

Using the relaxation in Talis Aspire Copyright Clearance

Check the extract meets the criteria, as detailed in the CLA guidance. Here are some key things to check:

  • If you are utilising the extent relaxation (20% or 2 Chapters) ensure that:
    • a) no digital edition is available through commercial channels,
    • b) the institution or a member of its academic staff owns an original.
  • To utilise the extent relaxation, ensure the Publisher is opted in, full list available at
  • If you are unsure on the Publisher you can check what is stored in the CLA Check Permissions for the work by selecting CLA Review from the request Actions menu (Note: this may differ from the request details as that has come from the metadata entered at the point of bookmarking, the Publisher in the CLA is the rightsholder).


Rightsholder detail below:


Extent Relaxation - multiple requests or one?

Where you are utilising the Extent relaxation, up to 20% or 2 chapters, please try to split this into individual chapters per request or page ranges of no more than 10%. The reason for this is so that when we come to expire the requests we don't need to delete them from the vault so that your efforts in scanning can be used if needed at a later date.

Across the requests for a single work per course please ensure manually that you have not exceeded 20% in total or more than 2 Chapters.

You can check resources across a course by clicking the Course to view all works for that course, or View all requests for this book, to check the courses it has been used on.Digitised_Content____Talis_Aspire.png


Recording the relaxation

Extent relaxation - Exceeded Copy Limit


The following modal will appear


(Note: ICLA has different text and link as required)

What about requests already actioned? 

We advised that you kept a record of these request in order to replace then, and select the correct overrides once available. Once available you can use the 'replace request' workflow, to apply the specific COVID-19 relaxation overrides for tracking. Head to this support article for Replace Request guidance.

Reporting to the CLA

On the first working day of each month, Talis needs to provide the CLA with a record of all exceptions that they are sharing with the participating rightsholders. We will do this for you based on the override options selected. Any queries with the extracts will come back first to Talis, then we will contact you to advise. These requests are excluded from the monthly reports (for those using automated reports) and CLA Digital Record Form annual reporting (export or automated).

Expiring or withdrawing the requests

Talis will expire or withdraw the requests on your behalf from Monday 2 August 2021 as agreed with the CLA, as the first working day past the deadline, or sooner if directed to do so. Before running the CLA Annual Requirements checks.

Top Tips

Dictionary messages can be changed in light of the current relaxations or process. Dictionary Definitions

Example, Exceed Copylimit

  • Default text: Your request has been reviewed. Unfortunately, the copyright licence only allows a maximum amount to be copied from one resource. Your new request exceeds these limits, so we are unable to proceed. Should you require further assistance, please contact the library digitisation team. 
  • Suggested: Your request has been reviewed. This does exceed the usual copy limit of a work per course, however, there is a temporary extent relaxation to the CLA licence which we will explore in regards to this request. Should you require further assistance, please contact the library digitisation team.


Remember you can change the settings so that Academics can upload copies when making requests, especially important when you don't have access to your physical stock or the British Library. We would suggest the option - Yes, but force review before making live. Allowing academics to upload their own scans to Talis Aspire Digitised ContentDigitised_Content____Talis_Aspire.png

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