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Talis Elevate has the feature to allow commenting and annotation of images. This can be a useful way for you to engage in discussion with your peers on important elements of the content on your course. 

Image annotation

If you click on an image, or a part a resource that doesn't contain text, a pin will appear, prompting you to add a comment or personal note to that specific point on the image. To demonstrate how this looks with multiple comment points, see below:




This feature also differentiates users by colours so it's easy to see if it is the same students commenting on a point, or whether there are multiple students engaging in the conversation.

If you wish to expand and read further the comments a particular student has made, you are able to enlarge the selected pin and highlight the corresponding comment on the comments pane by showing the vertical coloured line. See the below screenshot for an example: 


When non-text and images are highlighted, Talis Elevate gives you the option to 'drop' the coloured pin to the area you want to add a comment to, indicated with the 'add to comment box' see screenshot below: 



Simply add your comment and hit the 'comment' button to save this comment.


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