Talis Aspire and OCLC Worldshare

OCLC Worldshare is an online Library management system hosted by OCLC in the cloud. Talis Aspire integrates with OCLC Worldshare in a number of ways, this article outlines each of those and why you would want to do so.

Integration Points

These are standard integration points that we can personalise for your library to make sure that your students can find the resources they need.

Discovery Library Catalogue

Bookmarking from the library catalogue is fully supported. You can bookmark any resource in the Discovery catalogue interface and be sure that they will be faithfully represented on your reading list.

Once a resource is on a reading list, and if it exists in your library, then we show a link back to the Discovery catalogue so that students can access library functionality directly.

Record lookup

When you bookmark a resource from Discovery or from anywhere else on the internet, we will also search the Worldshare catalogue and see if you have a copy. If you do, we use your metadata and keep a link to your item so that we can show item availability and link back to your catalogue later.

Live Item Availability

If you have a print copy of a resource, we will show the student where on the shelves they can find it, and whether it is currently on loan or available to borrow.

Electronic Access

Talis Aspire uses the Knowledge Base to lookup a resource to see if you have electronic copies that are available to students. Talis Aspire then presents these links to students so that they can access resources from any device at any time. 

EzProxy Integration

With EzProxy as your institutional proxy, students will have access to resources wherever they are studying. This is configured to transform any eligible resource link for an external service that needs IP or user authentication to grant students access to the articles they need.


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