Talis Product and Services Update - January 2020

Welcome to the January edition of our Product & Services Update. This month we were delighted to pass the milestone of a whole year without any downtime for Talis Aspire, perfect timing as students return to campus for the beginning of the new semester.

This month’s Product Update webinar reflected on all of the developments that were delivered during 2019, as well as looking at our current development priorities.

New List Edit - Rollout Update

There are now 57 Universities using the New List Edit as default, which means more than half of all Talis Aspire users are making use of the updated interface. More additional features are planned soon and our documentation continues to grow via this article, so if you’re considering a switch soon then please raise a support ticket.

System Changes

Are you planning any changes to your authentication setup, perhaps a change to your University Identity Provider (IDP) or similar? If so, do raise a support ticket with the details of the change at the earliest opportunity so we can advise on whether this is likely to have an impact on your access to Talis Aspire. Further details are available in this support article.

SameSite Cookies

You may be aware that Google Chrome Version 80 is shortly due for release, and will be changing the way that cookies are handled to address security issues, with other browsers likely to follow soon afterwards. Talis are already putting in place the changes required to keep Talis Aspire working as normal for your users, in particular with regard to those of you using LTI linking within your VLE.

Release round-up

  • When users click on the 'View other formats/editions' link under a chapter in a list, Talis Aspire will now use the book metadata from the bookmark to attempt a successful lookup in the Library catalogue.
  • List editors can now edit metadata on a bookmark from the shared item view without first having to navigate back to the list

New ideas raised on the Talis Ideas Forum

The Talis Ideas Forum is a great opportunity for you to add your ideas and enhancements you would like to see in Talis Aspire and to view what others are requesting and add your use cases and votes. In the last month the following ideas have been added:

  • Pin 'Unpublished Changes!' message to top of New Edit screen - Vote here
  • More refined translation of 700 field - Vote here
  • Copy sections - Vote here
  • Increased Privacy Options for lists - Vote here
  • Customise how on loan items are displayed in reading lists - Vote here
  • Prevent live digitisations on archived lists - Vote here

Support Articles

The following articles have been added as new content to our support site this month: 

What bookmarking recognisers have been created this month?

  • American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education
  • Brill.com
  • European Respiratory Society Publications
  • Mires and Peat Journal
  • Oxford Handbooks Online
  • Smithsonian Libraries Library Catalog
  • YaleBooks UK and overseas

Is what you are bookmarking working as you expect? If not, please raise a support ticket.

Developer Community

To join our developer community, please email consulting@talis.com. To see previous newsletters, please visit the Talis blog.

Escalation Reminder

Do you have concerns about a ticket you have raised? Has the urgency of the problem increased? Do you now have tighter time constraints than before? Please email Laura Unwin with your ticket details and the reason for escalation, along with your contact details. We will then work to review the issues and prioritise as appropriate and inform you of the next steps.

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