Management Information Dashboard - Top 100 Publishers

The Management Information Dashboard (MI Dashboard) - Top 100 Publishers takes data from all book and chapters available on published lists in your tenancy and presents the results in an easy to understand word cloud.

This chart can be of great benefit to institutions who are looking to ensure that their acquisitions budget is being targeted in the right areas, by highlighting which publishers are most commonly referred to by your academic staff. It can also help you assess the likely impact of changes to platforms which you use regularly, for example, if a publisher chooses to make changes to the metadata that they provide, which would typically be captured in a bookmark.


In common with the other charts in the MI Dashboard, the raw data used to create the chart is available for export further down the page. This is particularly useful with this chart, as publisher titles can vary slightly depending on the metadata provided when they are bookmarked. While we will attempt to normalise publisher names to ensure consistency - eg. with Taylor and Francis / Taylor & Francis, both refer to the same company - it is possible that some variants will escape, so being able to view the full data allows for minor corrections that may be necessary. The table data also shows the overall percentage of 'Other' publishers that didn't make the top 100 and the percentage without a Publisher field.



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