Management Information Dashboard - List Length

The Management Information Dashboard (MI Dashboard) - List Length will give users an overview of how many items appear in lists across their tenancy.

This chart has a number of potential uses; while length is only one potential measure of list quality, being able to easily identify short or overly long lists will enable library staff to engage with relevant academic staff. Many Universities also have in-house policies about how lists should be constructed, so the chart will help to ensure compliance with institutional guidelines. The chart displays only data from lists which are live, so archived or draft lists will not impact on the figures.


In common with other charts in the MI Dashboard, the data used to create the chart is displayed below it and can be exported to CSV. List title, list owner, list creator, hierarchy code, item count and time period are all provided for ease of management.


The chart default is view is to show lists over 100 items, you can explore other ranges by selecting the bar in the chart or clicking on the range label. Other ranges of interest may be lists published with no items, or lists of 1-10 which my highlight where only a core textbook has been added.

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