Academic engagement in reading lists, hear from Aberystwyth University (Europe webinar)


If you are looking for ways to engage academics with online reading lists, this webinar recording is for you! 

For students who study courses which have an online reading list, they benefit from: 

  • access to up-to-date materials
  • interactive resources
  • stock in the library
  • access to a wide range of online sources

These are all available directly from their reading list, presented in a user-friendly and accessible interface. 

In order for students to have online reading lists, their academics need to understand their benefits and engage with the system and library. 

In this webinar Joy Cadwallader, Academic Engagement Team Leader at the University of Aberystwyth, shared how the University identified and overcame challenges when working with academics. Their initiative resulted in 100% coverage of Reading Lists for all 2018 Undergraduate modules and was a runner up in the Talis Insight Europe 2018 Excellence in Marketing and Engaging Academics award.

Joy also shared tips to improve list quality with the University's planned 2020 list quality campaign.

Webinar recording  

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