Talis Aspire Advanced MIS Overview

What is Advanced MIS?

Advanced Management Information System (Advanced MIS) is a feature available to Talis Aspire Unlimited subscribers.

It provides an SQL-compatible data warehouse which includes your Talis Aspire application data, plus feeds of user events, allowing you to build reports, dashboards and other custom MIS components.

In addition to data from Talis products, you can add your own data to the warehouse. For example, storing mapping data to help you join this dataset with other datasets, or store the results of queries for later comparison.

While there are some limits these are generous and practical, and shouldn’t hamper what you are trying to do. Talis can always advise on ways to approach different storage needs, or strategies for pulling data into other systems.

For more detailed information on this feature, as well as example recipes for retrieving data, please see our Advanced MIS mini-site. If you would like to find out more about getting access to Advanced MIS, please raise a support ticket.


Advanced MIS requires some knowledge of SQL or third party development tools, such as Microsoft Power BI or Tableau.

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