Management Information Dashboard - Overview

The Management Information Dashboard (MI Dashboard) is a tool within Talis Aspire designed to give you at-a-glance information about different aspects of your tenancy.

The available charts provide detailed information about lists, list content and user behaviour, allowing you to measure areas where you have been successful, areas where increased engagement with academics may be necessary, and so helping you manage your tenancy more effectively. Some of the charts also contain data that has broader strategic importance for the library, by giving you valuable information you can use when considering budgets or how to best manage your physical space to ensure that the stock reflects what students are being asked to read.

The MI Dashboard can be accessed via the Reports tab on your tenancy, and is available to all Talis Aspire Plus (PLUS) or Talis Aspire Unlimited (UNLIMITED) subscribers.

How often is the MI Dashboard updated?

The data used in the MI Dashboard is pushed to the Data Warehouse weekly, overnight (GMT) on a Sunday, so that the charts you see will be up-to-date at the beginning of each week (ie. any changes you make during the week will be seen in the MI Dashboards the following Monday). Those with access to Advanced MIS have the ability to manually push the data, note this can take a little time to reflect in the charts.

Links to articles outlining each of the charts in the MI Dashboard are below:

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