Management Information Dashboard - Edit Activity

The Management Information Dashboard (MI Dashboard) - Edit Activity allows you to monitor all list building and editing events on your tenancy.


The chart chosen is a line chart, allowing you to view peak and quieter editing periods. Hovering over the chart will show you the figures behind the data, and you can also use the filters at the top of the screen to take a closer look at figures in a period of your choice. Over time this data will build up into a detailed picture of editing activity on your tenancy, allowing you to plan when best to arrange training sessions, publicity drives within your institution, or even when a rollover would be least disruptive. 

The raw data behind the Edit Activity is also available beneath the chart and is fully exportable for use in other contexts. For example, you may find this useful when identifying champion academics who will help to promote reading lists to colleagues, or which staff could be targeted for engagement. Do note that this MI Dashboard is focused on capturing events that have occurred, so if you have any users who have had no activity during this time, then they will not be represented in the data.


Access to the data is also available through Advanced MIS if you wish to use it outside of Talis Aspire, or to combine with other datasets.

Please note that all list edit events have been captured in the New List Edit only, from the 6th December 2019 onwards, with individual resource Edit Metadata events captured from 3rd March 2020.

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