Raising a Support Ticket for Talis Elevate


If you find you have an issue with using Talis Elevate and cannot find a suitable answer on the support site, you can raise a support ticket. You can do this in the following three ways:

  • Visit the Raise a Ticket page at http://support.talis.com
  • Use the 'Help' menu available in your Talis Elevate Module ManagerScreenshot_2020-02-12_at_20.35.27.png
  • Use the help icon available on your resources within Talis Elevate95478203-26b8ab80-0981-11eb-8e7e-493c55a2b470.gif

What should I include in the support ticket?

Including as much detail as you can about the nature of the issue will help us to speed up our investigation and resolve it more quickly for you. Some of the details that are useful for us might include:

  • What is happening for the end user?
  • Is this affecting a single student, multiple students, or the whole cohort?
  • Which device type is affected?
  • Which browser and version number is impacted?
  • When was the problem first reported?
  • Which resource is this occurring on?

What happens next?

Once you've submitted your ticket it will be picked up by our Services team. We will assess the information in the ticket and possibly reply asking for more information. We aim to be able to view the issue first hand or to recreate the issue. Where possible we try to resolve your issue in 1st Line (Support) by providing clear advice, and point you to useful information on the support site. Where further investigation is required, the ticket is assigned to our Technical team and the Stage set to 2nd line (Triage), you are informed at this stage.

Ticket Statuses

Once you raise a ticket it may display a number of statuses, depending on where the investigation has got to:

  • Open - the ticket is currently with us and we will be taking action.
  • Pending - we are waiting for more information from you in which case you need to respond to the support ticket when you have the information we require; the ticket may also show Pending Closure, when we have advised that the ticket will close within 7 days. If all is fine you can just leave the ticket to close, or respond if you have further issues.
  • Solved - we believe the issue to be solved or the question answered; if this is not the case simply respond to the ticket with further information.

Once a ticket is solved you will be asked to rate the service - note you are rating the service you have received in dealing with your ticket and not rating the product.

Adding a comment to an existing support ticket

You can add a comment to an existing support ticket or respond to a comment made by a support operator, in two ways:

  • Log in to Support
  • Reply to the "Request confirmation" email you received when submitting your ticket, or to any subsequent email alerts from the support operator; do ensure you write your text above the "Do not write below this line"

How can I escalate a ticket?

If you feel your ticket is not being dealt with correctly or the issue reported is urgent or time bound you can escalate the ticket. To escalate please email Laura Unwin with your ticket details detailing your concerns and telephone number, we will then work to review the issue and prioritise as appropriate, before updating you directly.

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