Using Digitisations with Talis Elevate

Institutions with access to both Talis Aspire Copyright Clearance and Talis Elevate can benefit from an integration between the two systems. This allows academics to use digitised resources from a reading list directly within Talis Elevate, while still ensuring that the institution complies with all copyright reporting requirements. In this article, the full process of making a digitised item available in Talis Elevate is outlined.

Step 1: Request digitisation

If your digitisations have already been requested from your reading list you can progress to uploading the digitisation into Talis Elevate.


Your Library colleagues may have already requested digitisations on your behalf. You can see which resources on your reading list have digitisations associated with them using the "Filter" drop-down menu as shown below:


If your list does not have any digitisations, you can raise a request from the item on your list as shown below:


When you do this, make sure that the course code and the time period when the item will be available are captured correctly. Full information about this process is available in our support article - Raising your first digitisation request from your reading list.

Once your digitisation has been processed and goes 'live' you'll receive an email notification containing the details of the request. This item can now be found and added to Talis Elevate.

Step 2: Upload your digitisations to Talis Elevate

Once your digitisation request has progressed to live, you will be able to attach this to your Talis Elevate module. If the module code for the course matches the module code for the reading list you can do this in two ways:

  1. In the Module Manager in Talis Elevate - Open your module within Talis Elevate so that you are on your Module Manager page, and click on 'Add Resource' in the Module Manager
  2. Via LTI in your VLE course site

Screenshot_2020-01-06_at_11.32.16.pngThis will launch the Talis Elevate Uploader. At the top of this uploader is a search tool where you will be able to quickly search for the digitisation and other 'previously uploaded resources'.  You can search in two ways:

  1. Search using the title or citation details
  2. Search using the word 'digitisation' 

The coversheet generated by Talis Aspire Copyright Clearance will also be retained on the upload into Talis Elevate, meaning this resource will have an expiration date as set at the point of the digitisation request.

You may experience a short delay between upload and viewing the document in Talis Elevate while Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is applied to the document, enabling these resources to be read by assistive technologies.

Interacting with digitisations

Once the digitisation has been uploaded, the link to the item on the reading list will point to the version hosted in Talis Elevate. This ensures that student users will have a consistent experience when using the content, with all the additional functionality provided by Talis Elevate, whichever route they take to access the material. Statistics relating to views, prints, and downloads of the content will also be collated to ensure accurate comparisons with other digitisations for reporting purposes.

We are continuing to work on further enhancements to this integration and will update this support article as new features become available.

Please note, if your reading list is attached to two modules, you will only be able to 'deploy' digitisations in Talis Elevate on the first module. These digitised resources can only be re-used on a single Talis Elevate module. 

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