Working with Talis


There are a variety of ways you can work with us so we can support you to be successful with Talis Aspire. This article outlines the ways in which we engage with our users.

Following implementation

When a University moves from implementation to day to day support, Talis will continue to work with you to support your success. For more details, please see our article on Implementation, nearing the end, what's next?

Support tickets 

For first-line support and any technical queries please do raise a support ticket.

You are able to learn more about our support process in our article: What happens when I raise a support ticket? (article).

If you feel your ticket is not being dealt with correctly or the issue reported is urgent or time-bound you can escalate the ticket. To escalate please email Laura Unwin with your ticket details detailing your concerns and telephone number, we will then work to review the issue and prioritise as appropriate, before updating you directly.

If you want to track the open support tickets for your university, see our support article on: Support ticket notification for all tickets raised by the University.

Catch up calls 

We work to understand your University key strategic objectives, and how we can support you being successful. Calls are always followed up with notes, which provide links to relevant support articles and webinars we may have discussed on the call. 

These calls are an opportunity to discuss any open tickets on our support site and we can guide you to universities to 'buddy up' who have faced similar challenges, for example, if you would like tips on academic engagement and marketing.

If you have team changes within the library, we can support by changing the format of our calls to a webinar, for example, to guide through any particular area of functionality in the system and increase the frequency when required. 

If you haven’t had a call with us recently please do raise a support ticket and we will be in touch to arrange this.


We have a wide range of webinars, presented by both our user community and Talis on updates and topical areas. This gives you the opportunity to ask questions of both Talis and the collective expertise of our community of users. You can see our planned webinars on our events page.

Our previous monthly Product Update webinars can be viewed here. Our Community Contributions webinar content is available here.

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