Academic Engagement with Talis Aspire


For students who study courses which have an online reading list, they benefit from: 

  • access to up-to-date materials 
  • interactive resources
  • physical stock in the library
  • access to a wide range of online sources 

These are all available directly from their reading list, presented in a user-friendly and accessible interface. In order for students to have a good experience with online reading lists, their academics need to understand their benefits and engage with the system and library.

We have a wide range of content shared from our community on Academic Engagement, including tips and strategies to encourage reading list adoption. Do take a look at the links and details below: 

Trinity College Dublin - academic interviews (blog post) Trinity College Dublin spoke to their early-adopter academics about how they found using 'My Readings' and what they thought the benefits were. This blog post explains their approach and includes a link to the videos on their LibGuides page.

Student and Academic engagement at Bishop Grosseteste University (blog post) Jon Begley, Senior Lecturer in English at Bishop Grosseteste University has been very positive about the impact Talis Aspire has had in supporting teaching on his module and shared with us some feedback from one of his students. 

Using Moodle to train academics in Talis Aspire (webinar) Oxford Brookes University utilised a course in Moodle as a way of training academics in using Talis Aspire, hear more in this webinar. 

Academics Reading Lists refresh - hear from Liverpool Hope University (webinar) Philippa Williams, Faculty Librarian - Education from Liverpool Hope University shares how they have designed support materials and run sessions to encourage academics to update their reading lists and materials in preparation for the start of the next academic year. 

Inspiring and engaging academics with reading lists - hear from Northumbria University (webinar) Northumbria University are a well established Talis Aspire University, having implemented the system over four years ago. In this webinar Amanda Foster, Content Delivery and Copyright Librarian, Liz Beach, Reading List Service Co-ordinator and Hilary Skoyles, Reading List Service Co-ordinator, shared their experiences as well as some tried and tested strategies to increase academic engagement with online reading lists. 

Making videos for students and academics (webinar) In this webinar, Natalie Naik from our Marketing Team breaks down how you can create a video of your own with advice we’ve learnt along the way. Natalie gives detailed advice on planning, filming and sharing your video.

Using data to drive academic engagement through strategic reporting (webinar) Joanne Dunham and Neil Donohue from the University of Leicester shared in this webinar where engagement data is collected from, how it is collated together and some of their future thinking.

Encouraging staff engagement with reading lists (webinar) Allie Taylor, Academic Liaison Librarian from the University of Worcester, demonstrates how to encourage academic engagement through an interactive session on Talis Aspire Reading Lists.

Academic engagement in reading lists, hear from Aberystwyth University (webinar) Joy Cadwallader, Academic Engagement Team Leader at the University of Aberystwyth, shared how the University identified and overcame challenges when working with academics. Their initiative resulted in 100% coverage of Reading Lists for all 2018 Undergraduate modules.

Climbing the Mountain: Academic Engagement at Oxford Brookes (webinar) In this session, Hazel Rothera, Academic Liaison Development Team Leader at Oxford Brookes University talks about how Talis Aspire usage spiked during the Covid pandemic and how many academic staff began to engage with the system; this session covers how the Library looked to measure and build on that momentum, so that staff continued to update their Reading Lists after the lockdowns were over.

If you have any academic engagement strategies you would like to share or for a future blog post or webinar, do let us know via a support ticket




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